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Rambo: Last Blood

The plot of the Streaming Film Online adventure thriller revolves around the legendary John Rimbaud, who recently lives in Arizona on a small ranch. As a result of his past fighting, the man developed PTSD, so he spends most of his time at the bar trying to forget. Once an old friend Maria, whose daughter went to Mexico to look for her father and went missing, turns to him for help.

The main character has no choice but to once again become a killing machine that does not know pity and travel to Mexico to save the girl. There, a journalist named Carmen comes to his aid, and her sister disappeared in a similar way. They will have to face a crime syndicate that sells people into sexual slavery. John will be forced to go through a difficult path of revenge for the last time.

Rambo: Last Blood is the fifth part of the action-packed movie saga, in which, as always, the role of John is played by Sylvester Stallone, who is also a co-writer of the script. To prepare for the role, the actor spent more than six months in the gym in order to achieve a suitable physical shape. In flashbacks, the role of John Rambo in his youth was played by Russian bodybuilder Stefan Chapovsky, who has an amazing resemblance to the famous actor.