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At the moment, the most widely used are video cameras Jasa Pasang CCTV based on CCD matrices. In most cases, focus-free short-throw prime-focus lenses and automatic exposure control are used. The main matrix manufacturers are Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Hynix. Their use made it possible to create moderately priced and fairly high-quality products for widespread use. Typically, the difference between cameras based on sensors from different manufacturers manifests itself in difficult lighting conditions. In the line of each manufacturer there are both cheap and standard matrices in terms of parameters, as well as matrices with increased resolution and / or increased sensitivity.

By design features, cameras can be divided into the following types:

By the type of output signal, video cameras are divided into analog and digital. Most digital cameras transmit their signal over a standard computer network such as Ethernet - the so-called IP cameras.

According to the method of data transmission, video cameras are divided into wired and wireless. The latter include a transmitter and an antenna. Digital IP cameras that transmit images over the radio channel of a Wi-Fi network - the so-called Wi-Fi video cameras, are also wireless.